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just like jim lovell

May 7, 2010

(via NASA)

I used to start packing for trips way in advance. I mean way in advance…like weeks and weeks in advance. I would set out my suitcase and slowly start filling it with all the things I knew I would want to take. It just made me feel better. It made me feel more prepared. A head of the game. I’m not sure really.

Taking from that propensity to pack way in advance, I guess I always just assumed I wasn’t a last minute kind of person. Going back to school has proved me wrong. Over and over again.

I’ve discovered that I do my best work last minute. Actually I don’t get really “on fire” about something unless the deadline is fast approaching like planet earth in the window of the Apollo 13 lunar module. Then I go from 0 to 60  in no time and turn out some of my best work.

So, I guess I am somewhat of a last minute person after all. Sudden changes in plan don’t bother me as much as they used to. I get more of a thrill from pulling out my suitcase just a couple days before a trip. And turning in a paper the day it is due gives me a strange sense of  accomplishment. I made it…once again. Kind of like Jim Lovell and his crew splashing down in the Pacific.


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