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more than just my mom

May 8, 2010

Mom, I just want to say that I feel like I can write until I start to write about something or someone really important to me. Then all the words start to swirl around in my head and my heart and I feel like I am plucking them out of the air, attempting to construct sentences that even halfway describe how I feel.

You are definitely that important to me. Words can’t accurately describe how thankful I am that God chose you to be my mom and that you willingly accepted that calling. Different stages of life have brought me different levels of realization of what exactly that calling has meant.

I’ve gone from not having a clue, to being aware that I was dependent on you, to thinking that I was all grown up and didn’t really need a mom, to actually being all grown-up and realizing…you have given so much. I never really understood how much. Too much to recount or fathom, really. And I know you would say that you would do it all over again in a heart beat. That is even harder to understand.

I realize now that being a mom means so many different things. For you, Mom, it has meant being an amazing wife, an excellent homemaker, a wonderful cook, a patient teacher, a tireless cheerleader and – now – one of my very best friends. I pretty much tell you everything and I’m glad to know that I can.

I think I have really come to appreciate you more over the last year than I have in all the previous years combined. I see now what it takes make a home and pay the bills and do the grocery shopping…all while carrying a multitude of other responsibilities and  making time for what matters most. I know in the years to come my admiration and appreciation for you will only grow.

I am not sure what else I could say to communicate to you how much I admire you, how much I respect you and how much I love you. You’re the best mom in the whole world and you always will be – because you’re more than just my mom, you’re one of my best friends.

Happy Mother’s Day.




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  1. Becky permalink

    Awww! This was wonderful! Thank you! I love you! Mom

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