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a rainy friday and other beautiful things about life

May 14, 2010

Last night I almost froze to death at a baseball game. It’s almost the middle of May. I wasn’t prepared. Or rather I didn’t believe the weather people. Call it what you will – ignorance, denial, wishful thinking or stupidity. I am now finally warm.

It has rained almost all day. Between the cooler temps and the constant drizzle, I’m afraid I might have accidentally moved to Seattle without knowing it. Someone please reassure me that I am still in Oklahoma and that this weather is only a temporary condition. Please.

But it is really nice at the same time. Beautiful actually. All my plants on the patio are completely revived and green and blooming. I also got to wear a jacket today that I really only had on opportunity to wear one time in late winter/early spring. I also have a reason to curl up on the couch with a book or a good movie and just relax. Or take a long, long nap. I also anticipate the sunny days even more.

Another beautiful thing is a clean apartment. I took off work early this afternoon to come home and put it “in order”. I love the look of a room freshly cleaned, freshly vacuumed with candles flickering. It says “home” to me. I cleaned out the pantry and fridge and made up the menu for the next week and my shopping list. How is it that such simple tasks can be so therapeutic for the soul? Crazy as it sounds I feel whole again after an afternoon like this. Everything is back where it belongs. I am where I belong.

Fruit Loops are also therapy for the soul. I’ll believe that until I am ninety. I can’t escape it. I’ll go for the Raisin Bran occasionally, but the Fruit Loops get me almost every time. Speaking of food, tonight is Benevenuti’s and Il Dolce (check out my review here).

It’s a rainy Friday but there are many beautiful things about it…and all the rest of life.


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