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beautiful days like this

May 28, 2010

I went out today to grab a quick bite for lunch. Wow. It was beautiful out. Hot and fairly dry. There was a gentle breeze and I couldn’t help closing my eyes as it blew my hair back from my face. I sighed and smiled. I love beautiful days like this.

No matter how bad things may get – inside me or outside me – beautiful days like this refresh my hope like few other things in life. I feel my soul take flight, almost as though I could touch the puffy, white clouds sailing overhead.

I can feel summer in the air. I love that feeling. A mixture of warmth, contentment, relaxation, adventure and a good kind of tired. It makes me feel like a kid again.

I can smell the overspray of sprinklers on hot pavement, someone barbecuing and fresh-cut grass.

I can hear the sound of those sprinklers, a homemade ice cream maker churning away, someone mowing a lawn, a small plane flying low.

I can imagine relaxing, soaking up the sun, floating in the pool, sipping a cool drink. Taking a long nap with the windows open letting in the fresh breeze. Going on a road trip or any kind of trip. Reading a book just for fun. The smell of tanning lotion. Snow cones. Pedicures. Sundresses. Iced tea.


Session is almost over for the year. It is hard to believe. The last five months have gone by so fast. I was caught up in such a whirlwind of school and work and all the rest of life that it just flew by. It is always sad in a way because the Interim is so different and so quiet. I like the constant noise and motion of Session. Even though I don’t get my energy from people, I do enjoy having company. I like our office because it affords company without all the usual drama of a typical office 😉

But the Interim is just two months longer and will fly by just as fast. Between now and next session so many things could happen. And so many things need to happen. The plan is to take 16 credit hours. I have to take that goal one class at a time because otherwise it sounds outrageous. I will be so relieved when I reach the finish line on graduation day. Earning my masters has been monumental, but I must have continual pep talks with myself at this halfway point. I’ve got to keep going. It’s one of those times in life where the prize does not seem worth the pain. It doesn’t seem that way…but it is. I will keep going.

It helps to have an occasional respite – distractions from the pain that give me a fresh outlook on the prize. That is what NYC will do for me no doubt. I am so excited. I haven’t been on a plane since last July/August. That’s just too long. We plan to get off our flight, check into the hotel and go straight to Saks 5th Avenue. Oh, the shopping 😉 I am really excited, too, just to spend time with Mom. That will be a huge blessing. And maybe the desire to see new places will be ausaged…for a little while at least. Although I know that I don’t want to ever lose that desire completely.

Today I began celebrating my birthday in earnest. As I wrote before, I have already been celebrating it this week, just with little things here and there, but now I get to stop work (both jobs) and just focus on the fun.

Thank you, Lord, for beautiful days like this.


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  1. Becky permalink

    Happy 26th Birthday beautiful daughter! You are such a blessing to me! I love you!

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