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nyc: day 1

June 7, 2010

This trip to NYC was a long time in the works. I had originally talked about going for New Years, but after briefly considering that two years in a row, decided that I just wanted to go for my 26th. Mom was wonderful enough to agree to go with me and plan almost everything. I get overwhelmed at comparing hotels and finding insider tips and making flight arrangements. I can do it…but Mom can do it better ūüėČ Up until a few days before the trip I didn’t even know what time of day we were flying out.

4:15am on Sunday morning came early. I have to admit that I had a brief thought of just staying in bed. But life can’t be lived that way. I was about to embark on another grand adventure, to see and do new things and a few hours of sleep lost was worth the sacrifice. I had that feeling I always have when getting up early to go on a trip –¬†a feeling I have felt many times growing up. It’s a mixture of excitement and an apprehensive “what will this experience hold” feeling;¬†a twinge of delicious anticipation and a bit of longing to keep everything the same. Maybe I analyze¬†too much, but there is a part of me that realizes that – with every adventure I embark on – I change, I am different¬†because of¬†the experience, I am never truly the same.

Even though there are changes that come with new experiences I have never once regretted those changes. Never once. Every time I realize again how much I love adventure, how much I love to travel, how much I really do love change. I love to fly, too. I get a little antsy when we start descending and those wicked drops in altitude cause my stomach to leap into my throat, but it’s worth it. I love the idea that no matter how cloudy and rainy and gloomy it maybe at the gate before departure, the sun is always shining up above the clouds.

All of our flights to NYC went really well. We only took a small carry-on and purse each so that we wouldn’t have to check any bags. It made it a little tricky on the liquids side of things when packing cosmetics, but we made it work and I’m glad we didn’t check any bags. It’s a lot more stress free because we weren’t wondering whether our things would make it or not.

We arrived, got a taxi and started the short trip across the city to our hotel – Hotel Elysee’¬†–¬†which I would highly recommend. It was between Park and Madison on East 54th and was a perfect location. It was just far enough out of the Times Square hub of noise and people and constant motion, yet still close enough to the action. We were on floor 12A¬†(not calling it 13 somehow makes people feel better I guess) and had a nice room that faced a non-traffic alley. It was perfect. We freshened up and then set out to explore the sights. We stopped at a deli and bought a Greek wrap that was delicious. We ate it sitting on the promenade in front¬†of the Rockefeller Center. We scoped out all of the shopping on Saks 5th Avenue. The H &M was three stories. All I could do the first time¬†through was look.

We decided to walk the 15 blocks to the Empire State Building. It was¬†a beautiful, clear day and we wanted to make sure we would get a good view. I’m glad that we went. The lines were long, moving slowly, sometimes steadily, lots of people, overheating a little, climbing stairs, thirsty…and then we finally made it to the 102nd floor. The observation deck isn’t big at all. Thankfully not as many people pay to go all the way up to the 102nd floor as they do to go to the 86th. It took us a little more than an hour to go up and back down.

We also had a wonderful dinner at a bistro¬†at Rockefeller Center. We had amazing food every day. Anyone who knows me well knows that food is an event with me. It is not simply a matter of sustaining life, it is also a matter of savoring¬†life. Since I have such a great love for food, I want to dedicate a series of posts to our NYC food experiences. So I will do that after or in between¬†( I haven’t decided which yet) my chronicling of our other daily adventures.

I will admit that Day 1 was a bit of a culture shock for me. I guess because it has been a while since I have been in a truly large city. There were so many people, so much movement, a constant stream of life flowing around me just as if I were standing in the middle of a river with the water rushing around me. It was fun, after that initial bit of shock, to let the current take me wherever it wanted ūüėČ I had no thoughts about work or studying. I just simply soaked in¬†the experience completely. So much so that I had a little bit of a struggle remembering all of my passwords at work this morning. Ha. That’s a sign that I was truly able to relax.

I will end with an image that I have already posted, but one that I feel – in a unique way – encapsulates my NYC experience. It isn’t really in focus, but the colors, the movement of the light, the sun burst from out between the buildings just says to me: adventure. current of life. glow of new discoveries. NYC.

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  1. Becky permalink

    Love it! Brings back all the fun! Look forward to the rest!!!!

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