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seeing like God sees

June 29, 2010

This morning I made espresso by accident. Our light over the kitchen sink fell in the middle of the night a day or so ago, so this morning I made coffee in the semi-dark. I thought I had put in the normal amount of water, but I guess not. Half a travel mug of coffee came out and – wow –  was it strong! Good but strong. I guess the Lord knew I needed it this morning or something. It was hard getting out of bed and I’m not really sure why. I’ve felt really tired lately, despite sleeping well, eating well, exercising well… Oh, well 😉 It all works out on the weekends. 


At least, this weekend is going to be pretty low-key and I’m alright with that. I like the busy weekends, but I like the slow weekends, too. This last weekend my grandparents on my mom’s side came to visit. We had a lot of fun! Lydia and I both took a half day Friday to meet them for lunch at a new place called Stella (very yummy) and then show them around the Capitol. I gave them the full tour and we had a fun time.On Saturday Lydia and I had dinner at our house. It was a fun time! We were able to show off our apartment and fix everyone a nice meal. Lydia did a great job planning and preparing the food: Turkey Ranch Sliders, Mozzarella & Grilled Peach Skewers, a spinach salad tossed w/olive oil, lemon juice and Parmesan cheese and then a Blackberry and Thyme Cafouti (ca-FOO-ti) w/ fresh whipped cream and coffee. Yes – it was excellent. She also made Mango Mojitos using the mint I’ve been growing on the patio. It was all perfect summer fare.



On Sunday, after our morning working in the nursery (second service was cancelled because of the VBS presentation and we didn’t know it!), we headed out to Mom and Dad’s for more time with the grandparents and more great food. Grilled pork loin in an amazing marinade, cauliflower salad, devilled eggs and green beans w/toasted almonds. Grandma made a delicious fresh peach tart and Mom made homemade vanilla bean ice cream. Good grief. I can’t believe how well we ate this last weekend! It was all so good. 



In amongst the visiting and eating this last weekend, we did get in some pool time. On Friday we had the pool all to ourselves for about 30 minutes and it was a lot of fun. I thought  I would get some shots to capture summertime at the pool. I don’t want to forget these days when we have both moved on, moved out…and moved up 😉 It will happen all too soon, I think. Seasons change so fast. At least, that is what I keep telling myself. I think I am a glutton for change. I don’t like things to stay the same too long. 

Although I was out on the patio the other day thinking about life, where I am now, where I thought I would be now, where I hope to be in the future…and the thought came to me with shining truth – I think if I knew everything like God knows everything, I would choose what I have and where I am right now. I don’t think I would want to change a thing. Not the experiences I’ve had, not the seasons I’ve gone through, not where they have led me. I wouldn’t want to change who I have become, where I am headed – this place, this time, my life – one bit. At all. I would want it just like it has been, like it is, like it will be. I guess that’s the peace that comes from being in God’s will – the peace that the grass that is greenest is right under my feet. I just have to stop and take notice. I have to see like God sees. 


I can’t escape NYC. It is everywhere I look – in movies I watch, blogs that I read. Very badly. And I still have the NYC food posts to do with all the pics of the amazing food we ate. And I forgot to mention the Black Smoke in my post of Day #1. Yes, the Black Smoke off of Lost. Mom and I were walking in downtown NYC, I think it was on the first day, and I heard the Black Smoke – that strange clicking sound it made that always froze people in their steps, eyes wide, heart pounding. Yes, I heard the Black Smoke. 

I said to Mom, “That sounds like the Black Smoke from Lost.” 

And she said, “It is the Black Smoke from Lost.” 

And I said, “You’re joking.” 

And she said, “No, I’m not joking.” 

Apparently the producers of Lost wanted to find just the right sound effects to create the Black Smoke and decided to use the sound of a NYC taxi cab receipt printer as the first part of the effect (before the Black Smoke really takes off and consequently devours anyone in its path…well, almost anyone).  

And then I said again, “You’re joking.” 

But it is true. It was cool to hear the Black Smoke right there on the busy streets of NYC. If you’ve never experienced the sound I’m talking about, you must.

Today my inbox for my evening job was completely empty. I had answered every email, no new emails had come in, no drafts waiting to be finished. It was empty. I relished that feeling…briefly. It was full again before too long, but it’s  nice to know that it can be empty.


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