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July 6, 2010

My 4th of July weekend was long and relaxed – two very good things.

Saturday: Lydia and I both slept in and then talked a while in the living room while we drank our coffee. Lydia made breakfast. In fact, she did all the cooking over the weekend. This was a huge blessing to me. We had a stack of movies we started watching. We went to Daisy Exchange and I sold $8.20 worth of clothes. We went to JcPenny. Girls, do you know there is a full-fledge Sephora in the Moore JcPenny’s??? Yes, it’s true. We went back home and I can’t even remember what we did for the rest of the day. Ha. I believe I worked on school and we watched movies and I went through my closet and Lydia fixed a great Caprese Salad for dinner. I think. It’s all kind of hazy now.

Sunday: we worked in the nursery and I got to take a bunch of pictures of our kids. Partly for a school assignment and partly because I want to put prints of them up in the nursery. I had fun. We came home. I checked to see if Kohls was open. It was, so I headed out.

Insert – I’m not sure what has happened, but this past week I came to the point where I was completely okay with getting rid of every thread of clothing I own and starting all over again. What girl wouldn’t, you ask? Yes, yes, I know. But I would have been content if I had only replaced all of those items with 4 or 5 items I really, really like. I know that sounds terrible, but that’s where I was. Then I realized it’s probably because most of the clothing I own I’ve owned for at least a couple of years, even more. And I tend to layer in the winter (short sleeves with sweaters, etc), so I don’t really get a break from a lot of the items. Anyway, this is the end of my pitiful, closet woes.

After Kohl’s I went to Pei Wei for my favorite Orange Peel Chicken (which was subsequently enough to provide me with two additional meals) and then to Target. May I just say that sales wracks rule? Thank you. I can’t really remember what we did that afternoon either… Oh, yah. We decided to go out for a walk…just as the Heavens opened. We decided just to go to Sonic instead and ended up wading through ankle deep water back up to our apartment, practically losing both Lydia’s Blast and my Cranberry Slush in the process. Let me just tell you, it was raining hard. After we dried off, we started our movie marathon again, relaxed all afternoon and finished the evening by watching Hatari. I still love it like the first time I saw it. The fireworks in Norman were cancelled, but I still needed to get a night shot for an extra-credit assignment in my photography class. We braved the muggy evening (Lydia was kind enough to go with me and hold the pepper spray ;)) and I have the mosquito bites to prove it.

Monday: I actually slept until 9:45am…without trying…that’s pretty spectacular. I couldn’t believe it when I checked my phone to see what time it was. Ah. It felt good. Lydia made breakfast and we watched a movie (surprise). We actually were able to go for a walk and then each checked off our to-do lists back at home. I finished all of my school assignments and did some work for my evening job. Then we finished our long weekend with grilled chicken, butternut squash au gratin and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

I woke up this morning to the regular routine, but it’s nice somehow. At least it’s not pouring. Work went well. I ate lunch outside and had my favorite ice tea. I can’t really ask for more than that.

Here is a shot I took to fulfill a school assignment. My yoga teacher was game for my impromptu photo shoot after class and I think we got some good stuff.

She makes it looks so easy.

It just dawned on my that – in all of my excitement over NYC – I forgot to share about my birthday. But first I have to share a sad moment with you…the moment sitting at the Rink Bar in NYC when I accidentally deleted about half of my birthday pictures. Yes, I would have cried if I had been ten years younger. They will live on in my memory 😉

I had pictures of all of the amazing food Mom made for my birthday dinner that Friday evening: shishkabobs, Jasmine rice, devilled eggs… See that’s what pictures do – they help you remember! One thing I do remember: absolutely everything was amazing. I did manage not to delete a picture of the awesome cupcakes she made for dessert (along with homemade ice cream). Are you ready for this? They were dark chocolate, raspberry filled cupcakes with dark chocolate ganache and mascarpone cheese on top. d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. Wow. Loved them. I didn’t have a hard time deciding what I wanted for my birthday dinner. It just came to me – as thoughts of food often do 😉

We spent a lovely evening out on the patio and I opened some of my gifts. I got an iPod dock and I was a little excited. I got Leap Year and Emma and bath & body products and a soy candle and…you get the picture 😉 The next morning it was just Mom and I because Dad and Lid headed out for CO. Mom fixed me an omelet and we got ready and headed out to see the Prince of Persia. I liked it a lot and it was fun to go to a matinée with Mom and get popcorn and use my $1 cup 😉 We hung out by the pool that afternoon and picked up Old Chicago’s pizza for dinner and watched a movie. The next morning we were up early, heading to the airport…

And the rest is history.


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  1. Lydia permalink

    Love you Han! I had a lot of fun!!

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