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she who hesitates is lost

August 25, 2010

And that is no understatement. It sums up this season of my life very well – this new season that I stepped into on Monday, August 23rd. It’s weird when you can actually mark the day a season changes, when you leave behind what was and step forward into what is. You know there’s no going back – you can only go forward – and everything is changing.

Perhaps it is the normal “letting-go-of-summer-heading-back-to-school” feeling that typifies this time of year. The carefree days are gone – for now, for this year – and work and school and life resume in full force. I came back from vacation and stepped back into both of my jobs and my third semester of my masters program. I had to type that out because I have to remind myself that I’ve made it this far. Now I am working my way closer and closer to the home stretch. The home stretch won’t be until around March of next year, but I can keep my eyes on it!

For right now, I can’t hesitate. I can’t look back or look down or even look around much at all really. I can only look forward, stay focused on the tasks right in front of me, buckle down and give it my all. And that’s pretty much what it’s going to take: my. all. I have a feeling that this semester – this Sept to Dec stretch of months – is going to require more of me than I’ve ever had to give before in many ways. I am excited and terrified at the very same time. And that’s ok. The mixture of both will go a long way in propelling me forward day to day.

Today we are enjoying beautiful, 80F weather – so much cooler than it has been. This morning the breeze was actually a little brisk (I guess everything is relative) when I stepped outside to walk to my car. The seasons have changed in more ways than one. I know we still have some hot and humid days ahead before I can clear my closet of summer clothes, but the switch was distinct. There is that feeling of fall in the air, that unmistakable feeling of change.

I kind of like it.


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  1. Amy permalink

    Thank you, Hannah. I needed to hear this… why should I hesitate to accept God’s will? What is there to lose? What is there to fear? Why wait?

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