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january goals

January 5, 2011

– Work my way through Kay Arthur’s Lord, Teach Me To Pray in 28 Days

Officially begin my new job 🙂

– Keep up with my evening job

– Complete the first 4 weeks of my last semester 🙂

– Finish rough drafts of five chapters for my book

– Play racquetball w/Mom 2 x’s a week; walk/pilates 2 x’s a week

– Post 3 x’s a week on the blog

– Start Rene Gutteridge’s Boo Series, just for fun

– Set the dates for my 2011 trips and start planning them 🙂

– Take my vitamins every day


Today was a good day. It’s been nice in a way, this I’m-between-jobs time. I’m still accomplishing, still producing, still “working” in a way…just on a more relaxed time-table. I wake up when I wake up and make my coffee, do my Bible study, check/answer emails and start on the rest of my goals for the day.

This afternoon I went for a long walk and then went to Starbucks, ordered a cappuccino and studied.  I can’t remember the last time I did that – in the middle of the day, on a week day 😉

It’s been nice, this I’m-inbetween-jobs time. But I’m ready to get started on my new job. I’m really excited actually. For one major reason: I know it’s exactly where the Lord wants me.

Nothing can top that. No matter what happens, I can be at peace. I can work hard and know that it’s not in vain. And I can anticipate what lies ahead.

What are you excited about???


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