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the only place to live

January 29, 2011

Something pretty neat happened on Friday afternoon. I had just told a friend that I needed a small cappuccino maker to keep at my desk at work. We walked into the office and I found a gift bag waiting for me.

It was a small french press and coffee from another friend. Totally unexpected. Totally a blessing.

I had to try it out this morning at home. And it was amazing! I am sold. Love it. Thanks, Liz 🙂

This morning, after finishing a couple of things, I headed out into the beautiful day. I chose not to think about yesterday or about tomorrow. I just wanted to live in the moment.

And it came to me, somewhere over a hour into my walking and soaking up the sunshine, that the present is the only place to live. Living in either the past or the future just makes me a fish out of water – devoid of the life-giving oxygen my soul needs to survive. Unable to cope. Unable to freely move. Unable to truly live.

I am excited for this moment right now. I have my music playing, sitting at the kitchen table, sorting through the stack of mail and bills and loose ends that have compiled over the last week, munching on Fritos, enjoying the sound of birds chirping through the open window in Lydia’s room.

This moment. Right now. In the present. The only place to live.


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  1. Yep…needed to hear this!!!!

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