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a february weekend

February 6, 2011

Is it sad when it’s only Sunday evening and I can’t remember what I did Friday night?

Oh, that’s right. I did some school and ate a bowl of ice cream and chocolate chip cookies while I watched a movie in bed. And not that I’m recommending it or anything, but I was pleasantly surprised by Knight and Day. I thought it might be a corny spoof, but I actually laughed out loud two or three times. It’s what I needed to unwind.

Then I slept until 8:45am on Saturday morning. I’m not sure what’s happening to me as I get older, but I actually need more sleep. None of this “I only need 5 hrs and I’m great” stuff that I hear other people say as they get older. Could.not.survive.

I need at least 8 hours, preferably 9 hours. Waking up with out an alarm to a sunny, Saturday morning, lying there thinking about making my cup of coffee and greeting the rest of the day…perfection.

A good friend and I went to lunch and then shopping 😀 (Thanks for the girls’ time, Lauren!). And I could taste spring. I can’t wait. I had to keep myself from buying too many short-sleeve tops – I only got two at Daisy Exchange. And I love them.

I picked up a Papa Murphy’s pizza on the way home and it was delicious! They make it fresh while you wait and you bake it at home. Another movie, pizza, cookies…another movie, making valentines…and another movie. That was my Saturday night 😉 On the couch. Perfect.

Word is there’s another snow storm heading our way. So, after church, I braved Wal-Mart. Yah. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. But then I forgot it was Super Bowl Sunday, too. They had pretty much everything in stock except for eggs. There wasn’t a single one on the shelf.

But I got this over-the-door shelf for our pantry and I love it. I wish I would have done it sooner. It saves so much space. I’m pretty proud of myself for assembling it in record time, too 😉

Right now the Superbowl is playing in the background and I’m about to write out the menu for the next few weeks. I went for a nice, long walk this afternoon. It was a little slushy out, but the air was cool and crisp. It helped clear my mind. I have my Hawaiian Breeze candle burning, my Real Simple beside me (can’t wait to try my hand at making Kale Chips soon) and my lunch all ready to go for tomorrow.

And that’s a February weekend. At least for me.


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  1. Christine permalink

    Awesome sounding weekend!

    I may have to try the over-the-door pantry shelf. Our pantry is soooo tiny. But then, Tyler wouldn’t be able to fit in there to play hide and seek anymore and that’s his favorite place, so maybe not. :o) Hope you have a great week!!

  2. Debra Eby permalink

    Love the cabinet organizer and that pizza looks amazing. Sounds like a cozy weekend!

  3. It’s a pretty cool shelf, but it’s not worth messing up Tyler’s hide and seek 🙂 I also like the baskets that hook onto the shelves, those save a lot of space, too.

  4. I bought my first spring top last night at Ross…a grey and white stripy one with an asymmetrical hemline. Can. not. wait….for warm weather!

  5. Love it! I am so excited that this weekend is looking warmer 🙂

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