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march and moving forward

March 1, 2011
Even though February was a short month, it was a full month. Two big snow storms and three snow days, trip planning, time with friends, work, school, a trip to Austin, odds and ends. Life. Full.
Recap of February Goals:

Finish the Kay Arthur study

Turn in my chapter drafts

Make it to the 8 week mark in my last semester

– Play racquetball 2 x’s a week (only played about once a week) and walk 2 x’s a week and be able to do five full push-ups in a row

Write one hand-written letter

Go to Austin for a weekend away

Get three more indoor plants for the apartment

I’ve decided that one of the simplest joys in life is sleeping until I wake up – without an alarm, with nowhere to go. That did not happen this morning, but I look forward to every weekend when it does.

Somehow it helps me justify all the weeknights I stay up later than I should. There never seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. I can’t wait until we “spring forward” and it stays lighter later. March 13th – mark your calendars 😉

I am feeling the need to slow down, to not be running at break neck speed. Because even though I may not be technically running on the outside, I have been on the inside. Running hard. The “why” is a long story and matters in a lot of ways, but what matters more is that I’ve begun to understand the “why.” And that has put me on the path to (among other things) slowing down.

Slowing down in the sense that I don’t need to get frustrated with traffic when I’m 20 minutes early to work, that I don’t have to be doing five things at once in order to be productive and that I don’t have to do everything perfect the first time.

Most importantly: slowing down in my mind, slowing down in my spirit, slowing down in my heart. Taking the time to take life in. Accepting the difficulties with the joys. Addressing the issues that need to be resolved. And not being afraid to let the silence catch up with me.

Speaking of March, here are some excellent thoughts on this new month and “marching forward.” Scroll down a bit into the blog post because the top part is on a different subject.

And…here are my March Goals:

– Read through the Gospels

– Turn in my completed portfolio for school

– Play racquetball 4 x’s; start training for the relay: walk/run 8 x’s; pilates 4 x’s; be able to do ten full push-ups in a row

– Book flights for FL trip

– Keep up with Leadership Coaching videos

– Get my Sams card

– Update my resume


I have a bunch of random thoughts running through my mind. Or rather random dreams running through my heart. I made my list of 55 things, but my heart can’t stop. It just keeps going – fueling my desire to embrace every moment of life.

A couple of things:

– I found a recipe for Zucchini-Nut Bread Sandwich Cookies on the last page of the March 2011 edition of “Martha Stewart Living.” Discovering it was like staying through the end of the credits at the movie theater and catching the final scene that everyone else misses. I felt like that. And I’m going to make these cookies. Soon.

You see, my grandparents on my dad’s side used to own the Roth Family Restaurant in Estes Park, CO. And for an appetizer they would send out little loaves of fresh baked zucchini bread on a mini, wooden cutting board. It was to die for. And that is what I thought of when I saw this recipe. Hence, why I have to make them.

– I really, really want to decorate for spring/Easter this year and I never have before. Most of the reason is that I don’t like pastel colors. At all. That and I’m not really a “seasonal” decorator. But I’ve seen so many variations on spring/Easter colors and decorations that truly look classy, that I’m afraid I can’t resist.

And I want to dye easter eggs. Oh, yes. I’m excited about this one. I’m going to do some research on artistic ways to dye them. Here is one idea I found the other day that uses rubberbands.


Today I read a verse that I’ve read many times before, except today it was like God highlighted it just for me:

“Think of how we regard as blessed those who have endured. You have heard of Job’s endurance and you have seen the Lord’s purpose, that the Lord is full of compassion & mercy.” ~James 5:11, NET

The Lord’s purpose does not always seem compassionate or merciful. In fact, sometimes it seems exactly the opposite. It must have seemed so to Job. I can only imagine.

But, even though the road the Lord has us walk can be difficult, painful and seem downright cruel at times, the end result is that His compassion and mercy take center stage.

I do believe that God restores our losses, just like He did for Job. Through the pain and suffering this is the laser sharp beacon of light: the Lord is full of compassion and mercy. In the end, all will be made right. Loss is very real, but God’s restoration makes it look like an empty shell.

Or an empty tomb.

Oh, the difficult, painful and cruel road that Jesus walked all the way to the cross. From the day He was born to His death on Golgotha. Compassion? Mercy?Where???? My human eyes see monumental loss. From the throne He gave up to be born a helpless baby to the death He experienced at the hands of those He had come to save.    

But the tomb that held Him for three days became an empty shell – an everlasting symbol of God’s restoring, resurrecting power. And we see the difficult, painful, cruel road was paved with compassion and mercy after all. The Way – like a golden ribbon of love wrapping up the gift of salvation God gave the world: Jesus.

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