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whatever is next, whatever is now

March 12, 2011

Today we are one week away from Spring. I can’t help but think: it’s a lovely place to be. I am so excited for the warmer weather, the birds chirping, the longer hours of sunlight, wearing the new wedge sandles I bought, soaking up sun, opening the patio doors to let the morning and evening breezes in…


And strawberry season is practically here. I bought a quart for $1.50 at Wal-Mart today which I thought was pretty good. They have been more expensive than a gallon of gas – closer to $4.00.

That’s a sign of spring to me. And the farmer’s market starting up again soon. And iced tea that needs to be made. And all the million things that spring means. I’m so excited. It’s always like a second chance. A new beginning. Even more than the first of the year when I hope for a new beginning, spring fulfills that hope. The trees bud, the flowers bloom: newness is apart of every day.

And I am ready for whatever is next, whatever is now. I long for it. I get so excited for it. To see what is right around the corner. So many possiblities. While I anticipate, I revel in this moment. Now. It is so ripe with blessing. I am so blessed.

Six weeks. Then graduation will be upon me and I will be finished. Done. I can hardly believe it and I can hardly wait. And I know that it will be an amazing feeling – standing on the top of this mountain – but only because of each step it took to get there. It’s the process. It’s from the difficult, sometimes triumphant climb that the moment of finally standing on the top gets its glory.

I have come to know a little more what Jesus meant when He told His disciples that if they only had faith the size of a mustard seed they could say to a mountain “be moved” and it would move (Matt. 17:20). I always pictured the whole mountain getting picked up all at once and set down somewhere totally different. I struggled to have that kind of faith. What was a mustard seed anyway???

Now I realize that there is faith that moves mountains – it’s just generally one rock at a time. I know the miraculous happens; mountains surely can be moved whole – I’ve seen that, too. But I think even more miraculous is the step-by-step process of conquering an obstacle – God giving me the faith to “move” it instead of just doing it for me.

And when I’m standing at the top, He’s standing with me, cheering, too. Because we – God through me – did it.



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  1. Hmm…you have a very good point! I had never thought of it as moving the mountain one rock at a time, but I believe that is so true in many circumstances. Thanks for that new insight!

    • Lauren, you’re welcome! I’m glad I can share what I am learning. I am thankful for God’s patience with me…and I am thankful He gives new insight as we seek Him.

  2. Christine permalink

    Hooray for strawberry season! I was just saying to my mom yesterday that I am so happy it is getting to that time of the year. And I’m hoping all this Ohio snow will be melted by the first day of Spring. : )

    I love how you said… “Because we – God through me, did it. Together.”

    So awesome. I am really happy for you that you have almost finished! Hopefully this Summer will be refreshing for you now that classes will be off your mind!

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