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just a quick word

March 29, 2011

Because I’ve been absent for far longer than I have wanted.

Because I don’t really have anything inspiring to say.

Because I don’t have any pictures to post. Or recipes. Or…anything.

Because right now I feel like I’m chasing a mudslide down the side of a steep mountain. And that mudslide would be school.

Because my priority right now is catching it before it hits the bottom (4 weeks, people. 4 weeks).

Because that will be my priority for the next week or two solid.

Because my sister and I will be moving into this house in the middle of all of this:

(okay. I lied. I have one picture to post.)

Because a year worth of events seems like it has suddenly been jammed into 4 ridiculously short weeks.

I will be absent for a while longer and just wanted to share that quick word. Don’t give up on me. I’ll be back.

And better than ever 😉


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  1. Christine permalink

    LOVE the house!!!! How very exciting for you!

    I have been thinking of you lots lately…knowing that you’re probably so very busy finishing up school. This is it….the final push and you will be FINISHED! Keep on strong. You’ll get there and God will give you the strength when you have none of your own. He is faithful!!!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement, Christine!!!!

    And we can’t wait to move in. It will be fun to make it homey and I will give a picture tour. Spoiler: the master bath has a garden tub 😉

  3. Hannah,
    I can understand. I knew you must be very busy with school and moving, so you have been in my prayers! Just think of how nice that garden tub is gonna be!! Soak it up, girl!

  4. Thank you so much for your prayers, Lauren!!!!! Yes, I know. It will be a blast!

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