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it’s good to be back

April 20, 2011

It feels like forever since I’ve written here.  I think that’s mostly because so much has been packed into such a short period of time.

I have been flying.

Flying through school. I’m almost done. I have one, final paper to turn in. One, final paper. It’s truly surreal to type that.

I’m trying to remember exactly how it felt when I graduated with my bachelors. That was monumental. I had really worked hard. I had given it my best. I was so proud and excited. And a little scared to be honest. I had no idea what I was going to do when I finished, where I was going to pour all that energy and drive.

I expect this graduation to feel a little different. I mean, it is my masters. Of course it would feel a little different. I worked really hard to earn my bachelors, but my masters is in a whole new league.

A friend and I were running this morning (we’re training for the marathon relay on May 1st which we registered for today! Yay!!) and it dawned on me how earning my masters has been like (what I imagine) running a marathon feels like (not just the relay either!!). Truly it is the longest, hardest race I have ever run.

I am proud and excited to be finishing, just like I was when I graduated with my bachelors. Except this time I’m not scared at all. Through this marathon process of earning my masters I have come to realize an important truth, something my dad used to say but I’ve never understand until now: it’s about the process.

That’s the point really. It isn’t so much about reaching the mountain top or the finish line as much as it’s about every step it takes to get there. That’s what I’ve learned through my masters program (plus a few more things besides 😉 ) and that’s why I don’t feel scared.

God knows what’s next. And it’s all apart of the process of living this life – my life – the life He has called me to live.

Yes, I’ve been flying.

Flying through a move. Lydia, my parents, friends – everyone chipped in to get us and all of our belongings transferred to our new home. Speaking of processes…

Wow. So many, little details. Tasks that have to be done in a specific order. Details to remember. Things to pack. Flights of stairs to climb.

But perfect timing and so well worth it. At the end of a long week (pictures coming soon), I finally turned in the keys to the old place. I had to resist the urge to turn and run as fast as I could. No, the old place wasn’t that bad. We had a blast there for a year and a half and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Mostly because it has made me appreciate our house that much more.

But also because I know that’s where we were meant to be for that time. And now we’re meant to be in our house. That’s why I wanted to run – not so much “away from” but “to.”

To a place that has already been such a huge blessing. A place that I can hardly believe is ours. That has truly exceeded anything I thought we would find when I first started looking. Exceeded my prayers, my hopes, my dreams.

So, now I am beginning my descent. I’ve enjoyed the ride, but I’m really looking forward to some down time. I’m going to rest and recover before I am called to run the next marathon, wherever and whatever that may be.

Because, if I’ve learned anything about the process, I’ve learned that there will indeed be a “next.”


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  1. Christine permalink

    I love what you said about things being a process. And about there always being a “next”. I’m so happy for you! It must feel wonderful to be almost finished!!! Dan is working on his Masters now, around his flying and deployments and stuff. I will be really happy for him when he finishes too. : )

    • I bet! It’s well worth the hard work, but I have to say I can’t imagine doing it on top of family and flying!!! Wow! Go, Dan!

  2. Jessica permalink

    I’m so happy for you too!! Loved getting the chance to see it before you moved in…and can’t wait to see what you and Lydia do with it!

    I’m having to remember the process where I am in life right now too…not trying so very hard to get to the end as soon as possible, but to soak up the moments here and now, to enjoy these minutes, to live them fully, and learn from them…

    • Loved having your help, girl! Yes, one thing I am realizing about myself is that I feel the need for everything to be “just right” before I allow myself to fully relax and enjoy things. Not possible! And frustrating. I am letting go of perfection, steadily but surely.

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