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the move [in pictures] part one

April 28, 2011

I love moving. I really do. I guess it’s in my blood.

But this is the first move I made as one of the primary “movers”…and not just a kid going along for the ride. Not that I didn’t help with moving growing up. I just didn’t orchestrate the moves.

And that’s a whole different story.

When I really got down to taking things off the walls and out of cupboards it was a little overwhelming.

My fear was not that I wouldn’t be able to organize it all, but rather that I would over organize it all. And go around and around in circles re-organizing the growing pile of stuff.

We got rid of a lot of said stuff. I love that about moving.

And I am amazed how we fit everything we did in the apartment without it looking like a lot of stuff. At least, once I pulled it all out into the center of the living room it looked like a lot.

Part two soon.

P.S. I turned in my final paper yesterday.

P.S.S. That means I’m totally and completely and finally done with my masters.


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  1. yay for pics. Can’t wait to see more!!! Anddddd YAY for finishing your LAST paper!!!!

  2. Thanks, Amy 🙂 I’m pretty excited.

  3. Wow, Hannah! Congrats on finishing your master’s! I would feel like screaming if I were you. How exciting (and relieving) that must be!

  4. Thanks, Lauren! Yes, I am pretty excited and relieved. So thankful to have finished it!!!

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