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race day

May 2, 2011

(Photo credit: Karla Kehl)

So, 4:10 a.m. came pretty early Sunday morning. It was warmer out then I expected- in the low 50’s. I packed a bag of stuff just in case – extra clothes, bottled water, snacks. Just little things I thought might make the day a little easier. I’m so glad I did! And so glad for the $2.50 ball cap I bought at Wal-Mart the day before.

Our relay team met downtown for the memorial service at the Survivor Tree at around 5:30 a.m. And then the lightening started. And the rain. The temps started dropping. Despite that, the crowd sang a couple praise and worship songs, a pastor read a Psalm and prayed. The race start time was delayed by 30 minutes so that the worst of the lightening could move through.
The gun sounded at 7 a.m. sharp. It was raining and cold, but the excitement was still high. The starting line was packed. Runners were throwing off jackets, rain gear, etc, and then they were off. I wanted to start running with them because it was so exciting and I was so wet and cold. I just wanted to get warm. I kept scanning the runners for Dad and Lydia, but didn’t see them.
We made our way through the crowds, back to the car and headed to the first exchange point where I would pick up the chip. It was pouring and the traffic was horrible, but we made it to the exchange about 15 min before our first runner came through. I threw off my sweat pants and sweatshirt, strapped on the chip and started running.

(Photo credit: Karla Kehl)
I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first race. But it was amazing. So. Much. Fun. Even in the pouring rain. My shoes and socks were soaked. I was soaked. The rain was dripping off the bill of my hat. But I ran my 3.1 in a little over 26 minutes. There were people along the way to cheer us on. Sonic was handing out water and cherry limades. By the time I reached the exchange, I wanted to keep running! I was so wet and numb from the cold, stopping was the worst part. I kept thinking about my dad and sister. I couldn’t imagine!
We met all the other check points before the last three runners…but barely! We all ran faster than planned because of the rain and the cold. I even got to see Dad and Lydia while we were waiting to see one of our runners. They looked good and that made me feel better. They said the only time the sun came out was around Lake Hefner, but it was brief and then the clouds moved in again.
(Photo credit: Becky Roth)
It was 35 degrees with the windchill by the time it was all done. Two of us met up 1/4 mile from the finish line (right after the hail swept through) and ran in together. Our team finished in 4hrs 33min. I was able to see my dad and sister a little after that and they looked great. I am so proud of them! 26.2 in 4hrs 35min in extreme weather conditions.
I really want to run a half marathon coming up in October. I loved it that much. It’s crazy because I’ve never, ever thought of myself as a runner. Who knew?
We’ll see where it goes from here!

(Photo credit: Karla Kehl)


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  1. Christine permalink

    Great job!!! I’m happy you enjoyed it so much…even with the wet weather. : )

  2. Oh, yes, I did 🙂

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