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the move [in pictures] part two

May 3, 2011
The Tuesday evening we signed the lease everything started to feel real. We were moving. We had been planning it for a while, but to actually be able to start the process was so much fun. I was over thinking about it; I was ready to do it.
After signing the lease we went to the house and Lydia saw it from the inside for the first time. Yes, she let me pick out the house and put down the deposit without seeing it first. She trusts me 😉 And I am happy to say she loved it from the inside as much as she had from the outside.
The house is new construction and, even though they had someone clean it, there was still a good bit of dust and dirt. We cleaned everything including the carpets. We celebrated with dinner from Sonic, so happy to be in our new place.
It felt unreal actually. When you plan for something, pray for something and then you’re finally standing at the threshold, it’s always an amazing feeling. But then it feels natural, too – like this is how things were always meant to be.
Even though Tuesday was only the beginning of the moving process, it felt so good to have the lease signed and everything cleaned and ready for our things.
Part Three soon.

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