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may: relax, celebrate & think

May 4, 2011

I decided to post this picture just because. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the month of May, but it’s bright and fresh and I liked it. And it does remind me that the farmer’s market is now in full swing! Yay. Not that I’d really find oranges at our farmer’s market, but you never know 😉

March Goals revisited:

– Read through the Gospels (Still working on this one)

Turn in my completed portfolio for school

– Play racquetball 4 x’s; start training for the relay: walk/run 8 x’s; pilates 4 x’s; be able to do ten full push-ups in a row

Book flights for FL trip

– Keep up with Leadership Coaching videos

– Get my Sams card (Possibly happening this month)

Update my resume

The only goals I had for the month of April were:

1.) Finish my masters

2.) Move into the house

I am so thankful to say that I completed both those goals. Wow. April was a whirlwind. I have a few more posts to come on the move. Of course, I’ve mentioned that I am done with school (haven’t I??? 🙂 ). Once or twice, I think 😉

So, now it’s already the 3rd of May. Crazy how time flies. This is my “relax and celebrate” month: both my graduation and my birthday in the same four week period. I don’t know if I can handle it 😉

BUT I still have some goals I would like to accomplish. They are:

– Build a sandcastle (in FL)

– Read a classic (also have a whole list of books to take to the beach)

– Run 4.5 miles at least once

– Get up to 15 push-ups

– Take new beach pics for all my frames

– Finish reading the Gospels (before it’s time for summer Bible Study)

I mentioned in my post about the marathon that I haven’t ever thought of myself as a runner, but I truly had the time of my life last Sunday. I am working up to a half marathon in October. I’ve got the training all planned out and I’m ready to run 😉

Besides a month of relaxation and celebration, May means to me: freedom to think. Freedom to think about so many things that I haven’t had time to think about for a long time. To think about “The List,” little details, fun projects I want to tackle. About what the Lord has for me next. About this moment, now (without having to be constantly vigilant of deadlines). To think. Period.

*deep breath*

*long exhale*

Hurray for May!!!!!!!

  1. I love crossing things off my list!

    May is going to be a great month, it’s our birthday month! 😉

  2. You bet it is! Happy Birthday to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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