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florida trip [in pictures] part two

June 5, 2011

It’s a wonderful thing when a dream comes true.

Of course, I didn’t have too much spare time to daydream before May 7th. Which is probably a good thing. The two weeks between then and the day we headed for FL were enough. Almost torture.

The beach was calling my name.

This is the view I woke up to every morning.

I loved staring at the horizon as I was waking up – endless blue – daydreaming about what I would find if I could keep going. Yes, I would have sailed with Columbus. No, I wouldn’t have been afraid that the world was flat.

I would have known that was impossible. Instinctively. There has to be more. There has to be.

We ate breakfast on the balcony each morning. Enough said.

Well, almost. Mom brought Starbucks coffee to make each morning.

Talk about a dream come true. Drinking Starbucks on a balcony over looking the Gulf.

I was so worried about the weather forecast for the days we were supposed to be in FL. Really, sometimes meteorologists drive me crazy. First it was three days of storms, then two, then one.

Low and behold, there were none. Absolutely none. Not a single drop of rain.

Just beautiful, blue skies.

(Our amazing dinner at BoneFish Grill in PCB. So good.)

Part Three to come.

  1. Christine permalink

    Those are gorgeous pictures! I love when the ocean looks that color!

  2. Um. Wow. I’m officially jealous. Sitting in an office in Texas just isn’t the same as the beach. Go you!

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