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life in its entirety

June 28, 2011

I wish I could put into words every moment of life. It is so fleeting. Flying by, really. I thought life would slow down a little once I graduated and it has in some ways.

But life never really slows down. It’s still moving full speed ahead. I’ll admit that I like it that way – always something different, something new, another day, another chance.

As much as I loved laying on the beach, soaking up the sun with nothing to do, I am a “doer” by nature. Always accomplishing, participating, fully submersed in life. Constantly re-evaluating whether or not I am doing the best…or just doing. I never want to be “just doing.” Doing nothing at all would be better.

Enough philosophical ramblings. Enough writing about doing 😉

The week before last an awesome photographer friend, Jenny, shot some pictures of me downtown. I love them and am so excited to have some new images for a new year.

Last week I moved my red petunias to the front garden. I think they look better out there. The weather has been so hot and dry. And windy. But windy isn’t really anything new. We are praying for rain. Our grass hasn’t grown at all even though we are watering it practically every day.

Update: Since I wrote this, it rained this morning!!!!

This last weekend Dad and Lydia and I tried our hand at kayaking in preparation for the Riversport Challenge at the end of July. It went really well and I thought it was a blast. It was really hot out, but the wind off the river was nice…and the water dripping off the paddle as I made my way up the river. At least now I know I can actually steer the thing 😉

This week I am anticipating a wonderful 4th of July weekend and the start of a brand new month. July. The halfway point of the year. The first full month of summer. The epitome of everything that I love about this season: celebrating my country, spending time with those I care about, fireworks (sparklers!), amazing food, being outside, wearing tank tops and flip-flops and just enjoying life.

This is life in its entirety for me right now. And it’s good.


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  1. Hey I think I know you. You used to go to Western Hills Church a few years ago when my family went there. I remember you because you and your family were about the only ones that were friendly to us : ).

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