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sometimes words

July 26, 2011

…aren’t enough.

And so I let photography speak for me.

I’ve never been one to “bare my soul” through a public venue such as a blog or Facebook. Sometimes I wish I didn’t care and could write more freely, but most of the time I’m glad I do and so I don’t.

I’m happy to let pictures speak for me, but – contrary to what it may seem at times – photography runs only a close second to writing in my prefered methods of communication.

I would much rather create images with my words.

To capture the essence of refreshment.

I had just turned off the lights and pulled the covers up. There was a brief flash of light and I thought, Surely that isn’t what I think it is. Because when you live in a place that has experienced triple digit temps and no moisture for days on end, that’s just what you think.

Two minutes later it was pouring, the rain drops beating against my bedroom windows as if to answer, It’s exactly what you think it is.

And then I was falling asleep to the rain soaking the dry and cracked ground, watering our thirsty lawn and garden. True refreshment.

To capture the essence of anticipation.

I hung it by the desk in my office, the chain of paper rings I made out of colored construction paper. Perhaps it’s old-school kindergarten, but I wanted a tangible way to count down the days.

How can three and a half weeks feel like an eternity? That’s what I keep asking myself. Can’t seem to get past the edge of waiting, this ache to be together and not apart.

Yet each day builds the mountain of anticipation until Friday when we’ll be standing on top 🙂 I just keep rehearsing in my head all the plans we have, the folder labeled “Our Adventures” that we will open in three, short days.

To capture the essence of thankfulness.

Most weekday mornings I make a cup of coffee in my single french press. On weekends I make it in my eight cup french press and Lydia and I share it. Every morning I watch the sun rays slant across the carpet when I open the blinds. On weekends, I sit in the rays, my back to the couch and soak them in.

It’s the little things. The little things that inspire thankfulness in my heart. And the coffee and the sun rays are two of those little things. Enjoying them in our house is a big thing. A blessing I don’t take for granted. It still seems like I’m dreaming at times. Like when I was six years old, playing house.

Except now the table and chairs are adult size. Just like my eight cup french press. Just like the sun rays. Just like my blessings.

To capture the essence of beauty.

A gorgeous girl – who also happens to be my sister – braves the triple digit temperatures and looks ridiculously refined and absolutely stunning while doing so.

She stops under a stone arch, throws her hands up in the air and strikes a pose. Competely unplanned. Completely fabulous.

And this is when I have to let photography take the reigns again. I know you’ll thank me.


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  1. Christine permalink

    You do paint with words just beautifully! I always enjoy your writing as much as your photography. : ) Gorgeous pics of your sis! I’m so happy for you that you get to be with Matt again soon! How wonderful. Yes, I know how 3 1/2 weeks can feel like forever and ever! Hang on….before you know it you will be face-to-face with him again. And it will be SO WORTH the wait. : )

  2. Oh, Chrissy, I know you know all too well the ache of separation and I’m so glad you understand. I admired you before, but, boy, do I admire you all the more now!

    And I believe you…the wait will be worth it a million times over 🙂

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