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sweet memories

August 6, 2011

Friday afternoon I picked my sweetheart up from the airport. The airport is becoming a second home for both of us 😉 But that’s okay because I’ve always loved airports.

I think it’s the sense of adventure – that anything can happen. The sky is truly the limit 😉

That night Matt gave me a beautiful diamond cross necklace and took me to The Coach House. It was amazing. We spent  2 1/2 hours enjoying a delicious meal and each other’s company 🙂 What was really cool, too, is we had both looked at the virtual tour of the restaurant online and saw a table we really liked. Annnnnndddd…that was the table we got 🙂

(This pic is a little blurry, but I love it so much)


Saturday morning Dad, Lydia, Matt & I ran the Riversport Challenge.

Five hundred meters of kayaking and then a 5k over the trails.

Dad and Matt both finished first in their divisions and Lydia and I both finished third in our divisions. It was a blast!

(Riversport photos by Becky Roth)

After the race, we went home, made lunch, packed the cooler and headed south to Lake Arbuckle. We found a nice little spot on the shore and enjoyed the water, soaking up the sun and just being together.

Oh, and we made cookies to bring, too 🙂

(Please ignore the pink…Matt was a gentleman and offered to blow up my floatie 😉 )


Sunday we had a blast over at my parents house (sorry, no pics because I was too busy enjoying everyone and everything 😉 ). The whole weekend was a blast. Not enough words…or enough pictures…to describe how wonderful it was.

I love you, Matt McKay!!! 🙂

P.S. I can’t wait to post again with pics from my next weekend in Seattle, so stay tuned 😉


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