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seattle trip (2) [in pictures] part two

August 25, 2011

On Saturday we headed for Mt. Rainer. It was another gorgeous day, actually one of the warmest they’ve had in a while. I think it got up to the mid-80’s.

In other words, it was like winter compared with the triple digits we’ve been experiencing here [for far too long] :p.

The drive was breathtaking. We couldn’t stop saying how beautiful everything was.  The area where we were planning to hike was packed and they were only letting people in as people left, so we ended up driving all the way around Rainer, taking windy back roads that delivered even more beautiful scenery and awe-inspiring views.

We got out and did a short hike at Box Canyon and it was lovely.

Then we continued on with our drive, stopping a few more times to get some pictures, winding back around to Paradise [which was also packed].

That evening we picked up a pizza and made a salad and relaxed after our marathon drive through the mountains. Oh, and I got cheesecake w/cherries on top and Matt got green tea ice cream. Yes, I remember details like that. It’s food. Come on 😉

Other special [random] memories from the day:

– delicious tacos from Taco del Mar [when I was absolutely starving]
– sour apple rings from the gas station [and discovering we both like them]
Note: I am realizing that I think/talk/write about food alot…oh, well
– being together, holding hands, staring at my ring 🙂


On Sunday we grabbed some Starbucks and took the ferry over to Seattle.

Since we got a window view we decided just to stay in the Jeep instead of going topside.

We went to Mars Hill again and the sermon was excellent – from Luke 21 about the fig tree and keeping our eyes focused on what really matters: Jesus. It was an excellent reminder and so encouraging. The praise and worship was amazing, too.

After church we parked downtown and had lunch at the cafe’ in Nordstrom’s. We walked around and went to Forever 21 and Sephora [Matt was a trooper 🙂 ] and went to see the suit Matt picked out for the wedding.

Then it was iced coffee in the park while we enjoyed the beautiful day and watched some guys play a game of chess on one of those life size chess boards.

On the ferry ride back to Bremerton we went topside. The afternoon was gorgeous with just a slight breeze. It was a little hazy, but we could still see Mt. Rainer in the distance.

That evening we spent some time with Matt’s Bible study group. It was so nice to meet everyone he’s been telling me about for a while now. We had some great BBQ, conversation and entertainment watching the guys play a competitive game of crochet 😉

Other special [random] memories from the day:

– running to the ferry because we stayed too long in Starbucks 🙂
– communion at Mars Hill
– Matt buying me a skirt at Forever 21

Oh, and I have to mention Hi-Lo’s Cafe in Bremerton where Matt took me for breakfast Monday morning. Wow. It was so good and so much fun! Wish we could go there every weekend. They had the best coffee and the best food. Of course.

Next post will probably be our Mississippi trip 🙂

Until next time…


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