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squeezing fall in

October 10, 2011

Saturday was a wonderful-overcast-turned-rainy kind of day. It was a never-leave-the-house kind of day.

An hour-long-nap-on-the-living-room floor kind of day. A chili-and-cornbread kind of day.

A carve-a-jack-o-lantern kind of day…

There isn’t much time to leisurely soak up fall. At least not for us, not between wedding prep and the wedding and everything else.  But even though there isn’t much time, I decided I wanted to squeeze fall in. It’s important enough to be celebrated, even if briefly and in small ways.

So we got two big pumpkins for the front porch and I made a fall wreath for the front door. I pulled out the wicker pumpkins for inside and bought a couple of fall scented candles. I also made these from an idea I saw on Pinterest:

We’re squeezing fall in…little by little.

Still have a few more ideas to try…perhaps when we have another cozy-just-want-to-drink-hot-cider kind of day 😉


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