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five days, five reasons

October 27, 2011


With just 5 days to go **insert double fist pump and excited squeal** here are 5 reasons I love you:

1. In a world where shallow, temporary, uncommitted relationships are the norm, you have shown me what a deep, enduring, “I’m-all-in” relationship looks like. You continue to go the distance, to take the initiative, to step out in the lead every day. From the bottom of my heart: thank you.

2. When it would be so easy to take, you give – unreservedly and without conditions. This blows me away every time.

3. We laugh until we cry. Together. Of course, everyone always says, “I want to marry someone with a sense of humor,” but I hit the jack pot with you, babe 🙂

4. You care about me more than I care about myself. You don’t just want me to be safe and healthy and happy – you make sure that I am. You’re concern for me is humbling and a difficult act to follow.

5. It is becoming more and more clear to me that our society no longer understands what it means to be a true friend. I’m so thankful that you do. You know what it means to share your heart with someone, to be faithful, to love unconditionally and to keep adventure constantly alive.

I love you, Matt. God has blessed me through you in unimaginable ways. I’m looking forward to a lifetime of love!



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